Welcome to Raccoon Royale

Royalties For All!

Raccoon Royale is a profile picture collection of 8,675 randomly generated Raccoon friends where royalties from sales are distributed to minters, flippers, and charity.

This PFP started as a family project in which my wife, 3 teenage subunits and myself designed and deployed an NFT project to the Ethereum blockchain. Unbeknownst to them, but knownst to me, this was just a sneaky way to teach them the fundamentals of blockchain development. 😉

Raccoon Royalties


Minters are the life blood of an NFT project; they get the party started. As a thank you for their contributions, minters will receive 3% royalties of all future sales from each raccoon they mint in perpetuity (forever) beginning after the first sale.

Flippers 🐬

Flippers, those who buy and sell regularly, get to play as well. After a Raccoon is sold, the seller will receive 1% royalties from the next 2 subsequent resales. Royalties are fun.

Charity: Ukraine Crypto Donations

Our family is deeply saddened by the events taking place in Ukraine, but we are also moved by the strength and resolve of the Ukrainian people. To help, 5% royalties from the first resale (from minter), 2% from the next resale, and 1% from the third resale will go to the Ukraine Crypto Donations. That is 8% from each raccoon!

Road Map

Road to Raccoons 🦝

The Journey of
Raccoon Royale

Idea and Contract

Idea was born and smart contract crafted with Solidity.

January, 2022


Finalized designs and created layers for the Raccoons.

February, 2022

Front End

Created minting dapp, website and said hello to the world.

March, 2022

Polish and Launch

Last round of internal tests and project launch.

April, 2022

Super Smart Contract
Secure Design

Protection against attack vectors like Reentrancy.

Good on Gas

Modified ERC721 increases efficiency and decreases gas.

Eco Friendly

To minimize our carbon footprint, you can mint more than one Raccoon at a time (max 10 per tx)

Sniper Resistant

To prevent Rarity Sniping, metadata will be hidden for first 72 hours after minting is live.


Team Members

Our Amazing Team

Miguel S

Programmer & Artist

Likes: Mom, Games, Code, Beer

Nicki S

Designer & Social Manager

Likes: Dad, Sci-Fi, Nature, Games

Subunit 1

Student & Designer

Likes: Making MTG Decks, Art, PC Gaming

Subunit 2

Student & Designer

Likes: Vibing, PC Gaming, Anime

Subunit 3

Student & Designer

Likes: Puns, Payday 2, Board Games

How we got here

Note to self: Teach the family how to code for the blockchain in an interseting way...

My family started this journey in January 2022 with the idea of creating raccoon themed NFTs. The raccoon is the state animal of Tennessee, so it was a perfect choice for us. We began with the blockchain fundamentals.
They got a crash course in blockchain basics, the EVM, and Solidity. By the end of the month their Solidity skills leveled up greatly. They can now create and deploy smart contracts.
During February 2022, we learned about vector art and began transforming our goofy designs into layers that will be processed by the generative art algorithm. This was the most fun since my teens had a great deal of creative freedom in deciding what kind of layers we should have.
For March 2022, we created this site and accompanying dapp for minting. They learned all about how to use react and javascript to interact with smart contracts. They also learned about using truffle and ganache-cli to test contracts and to write scripts that ensure we get the results we are expecting.
Finally, they learned about smart contract security. We explored common attacks on smart contracts / NFTs and best practices for preventing them. They were astonished (and disheartened) by the different ways bad actors try to compromise projects.



Frequently Aksed

What are the long term goals for the team.

For Mom and Dad, we plan on continuing to evolve in the NFT space. Our goals include the relentless pursuit of increasing our design and engineering skills. For the subunits, college is the goal for the next few years.

Surely there will be a game or exclusive club. Right?

Nope. This project is about profile pictures and royalties. No big promises about games, merch, or a massive custom metaverse. Oh, and don't call me Shirley.

Why do you keep calling your kids "subunits"

It's a Star Trek thing! All 5 of us are huge Trekkies. Their full names are [FIRST NAME REDACTED] Subunit[X] of Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 02.

Kirk or Picard?


How do the royalties for minters work?

When a Raccoon is minted, the address of the minter is stored internally and the 3 royalty slots (3%, 1%, 1%) are initialized with the charity address. When the Raccoons are bought and sold in a marketplace that supports ERC2981 (Rarible), royalties are distributed to the addresses in these slots. After the sale, the royalty addresses are shifted so the seller gets 1% royalties from each of the next 2 sales. The minter address is in the first royalty spot (3%) and never changes once its set. For a closer look, check out the Raccoon Royale Contract on Etherscan.

Why Rarible?

Rarible allows us to have several royalty beneficiaries and change their addresses on the fly. If the Raccoon is sold on a different marketplace that supports the ERC2981 standard, only Minters will get royalties from sales.

How often are royalties distributed?

Each marketplace that supports ERC2981 pays royalties at different intervals. For example, Rarible pays royalties weekly/bi weekly.

Where do I see my Raccoon after I mint it?

Your new Raccoons will be instantly viewable in your personal profile from any NFT marketplace. You can also find them in your wallet.

Why is my Raccoon a gif that keeps changing?

All Raccoons will be hidden for the first 72 hours after launch. This is to prevent snipers from identifying the most rare Raccoons through the metadata and minting at opportune moments. If it's still a gif after 24 hours, click the option that says to 'refresh metatdata' on the marketplace page for the image.

How do I sell my Raccoon?

After they are minted, all Raccoons can be sold by the owner through any marketplace that supports the ERC721 contract standard.